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Assessing Department FAQ's
What is meant by taxable value uncapping?
Except for additions and losses to a property, annual increases in the property's taxable value are limited to 5% or the rate of inflation, whichever is less.  However, in the year following a statutory transfer of ownership, this limitation is eliminated and the property's taxable value is set at 50% of the property's true cash value (i.e., the state equalized value).

What is my assessed and taxable value?
Assessed value represents 50% of the market value.  Taxable value is the value used to calculate the property taxes.  In general the taxable value multiplied by the appropriate millage rate yields the property taxes for a property.

What is a Principal Residence Exemption (P.R.E.) and what does it do?
Starting in 1994 properties which qualified as "homestead" (now called principal residence exemption) or "qualified agricultural property" were exempt from some school operating taxes (usually 18 mills).  This exemption does not apply to Taxable Value but applies to millages only.  A tax bill with P.R.E. will be less then one without a P.R.E.

What is a transfer of ownership?
The general definition of ownership states that a conveyance of title to, or a present interest in, a property - including beneficial use of the property - is a transfer of ownership.

What is a Property Transfer Affidavit?
Michigan statutes require that the buyer, grantee, or transferee of a property notify the local assessing office when a transfer of ownership occurs.  Michigan statues also provide that this notification is to be made on a form prescribed by the State Tax Commission.

Why has my tax bill gone up so much from last year?
It could be for a number of reasons such as:
     You purchased your home last year.  Therefore, it is subject to uncapping this year.

     You have a new special assessment that you are paying.
     You have a lien (water, sewer) on your property.

     You have delinquent usages (sewer, water, sanitation) on the bill.

     You have new construction.

     You have not filed your "Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption" (previously known as Homestead).

Can you tell me what my tax bill will be for this year?
We don't ever give out exact amounts until the bills are printed.  Until then we may not have a complete list of the information necessary to calculate an exact bill.  However, we will be happy to estimate one for you.