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Phone (231) 777-2555
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Carrie Westbrook
ext. 1137 


Lindsay Theile
ext. 1136

Accounting Director

Erik Joslyn
ext. 1124

 Deputy Clerk/Payroll
Andria Muskovin

ext. 1138

Accounting Department
The Township's Accounting Department provides the Township Board, management and residents with timely, accurate and reliable financial information they need to make sound business decisions. We also ensure that the Township is in compliance with statues, GAAP, GASB, IRS, and other federal, state and local laws.

Specific responsibilities of this department include the following:

  • Preparation of the Township’s annual budget and annual audit 
  • Maintenance of the Township’s general ledger accounting system
  • Payroll preparation and administration
  • Administration of benefit programs for employees and retirees including healthcare, life insurance, workers comp, etc.
  • All payments to outside vendors including regular accounts payable and electronic payments to various vendors
  • Administration of the Township’s retirement system (MERS)
  • Working cooperatively with the Treasurer’s Office on various financial matters, including tax collection and distribution
  • Oversees development, coordination, operation and maintenance of the Township’s management  information system and supporting infrastructure
Comprehensive Financial Plan Minimize

The Township is pursuing the issuance of bonds for the purpose of paying part of the costs of the unfunded pension liability for the defined benefit retirement program of the Township.  In accordance with Public Act 34 of 2001, the Township is required to publish a notice of its intent to issue said bonds and also post a copy of the Comprehensive Financial Plan (CFP) that is required by the State of Michigan on our website.  

         Muskegon Charter Township's CFP as approved on 9/21/20


Accountability & Transparency
In accordance with Public Act 63 of 2011 the Township has created a dashboard where our residents can find both a:

Citizens' Guide to the Township's Finances 
     Performance Dashboard

The information provided on both of these links will provide you with valuable information on how the Township is performing in various areas that affect you and your family and how it compares to other local municipalities.  Please provide your feedback and comments here 
Consolidation & Collaboration Plans Minimize
In accordance with Public Act 200 of 2012 the Township has created and implemented a consolidation plan:

2011 Consolidation Plan
2012 Consolidation Plan
2013 Consolidation Plan
Unfunded Accrued Liabilities Plan Minimize
In accordance with Public Act 34 of 2014 the Township has completed the appropriate certification form and plan for submission to the State's Treasury Department and also made publicly accessible.   

         2014 Unfunded Liabilities Certification and Plan