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Muskegon Charter Township Hall (231) 777-2555  
1990 Apple Ave.  (Corner of Apple Ave. and Quarterline Rd.)  (231) 777-4912 (FAX)
 Jennifer Hernandez Supervisor  Ext. 1139  jhernandez@muskegontwp.org 
 Lindsay Theile Treasurer Ext. 1136  ltheile@muskegontwp.org
 Ann Oakes Clerk  Ext. 1137  aoakes@muskegontwp.org 
Robert Grabinski Trustee   
 John Hughes Trustee  773-0077  trusteejohn@hughesbuildersinc.net
 Joe Kemp Trustee 773-3411 
 Bill Ream Trustee  william.ream@L-3com.com
 Steven Sheldon Building Official  Ext. 1128 ssheldon@muskegontwp.org
 Michael Reagan Mechanical Inspector  519-1354 cdsconsult@gmail.com
 Gene Lowder Electrical Inspector  638-2677 kbarry@muskegontwp.org
Brian Werschem Planning/Zoning Department Ext. 1132 planning-zoning@muskegontwp.org
Toby Fredericksen  Rental Inspections Supervisor  Ext. 1130  tfredericksen@muskegontwp.org
 Jerry Sanders  Director of Public Works  773-8458  jsanders@muskegontwp.org
 Penny Good Assessor  Ext. 1126  pgood@muskegontwp.org 
 Juanita Velez Bunker  Assessing Secretary Ext. 1125  jbunker@muskegontwp.org
 Andria Muskovin Deputy Clerk/Voter Registration  Ext. 1138  amuskovin@muskegontwp.org

 Erik Joslyn Deputy Treasurer/Accounting Director  Ext. 1124  ejoslyn@muskegontwp.org 
 Kim Barry Code Enforcement Ext. 1127  kbarry@muskegontwp.org
 Alice Dobben Rental Inspection Dept. Clerical Ext. 1131  adobben@muskegontwp.org
 Kim Barry Inspection Dept. Clerical  Ext 1127  kbarry@muskegontwp.org

Muskegon Township Police  (231) 777-1666
1990 Apple Ave. (Lower Level) (231) 777-3703 (FAX)
Chief Wypa Ext. 1119   
Deasha Hill, Secretary Ext. 1117

Sergeant Thielbar Ext. 8619   


Officer Anderson  Ext. 8615   
Officer Bartolameolli  Ext. 8620  
Officer Flowers  Ext. 8618  
Officer Hertel Ext. 8614  
Officer Luce  Ext. 8613   

Officer Weaver  Ext. 8616   
Officer Vandommelen Ext. 8617   
Officer Cheatum Ext. 8627
Officer Junewick Ext. 8626  
Officer Benedict  Ext. 8625  


Fire Station #1  (231) 773-4316 
1117 S. Walker Rd.
David Glotzbach  Fire Chief  dave.glotzbach@mcd911.net 
Mark Nicolai  Fire Inspector  mtfd.inspector@mcd911.net
Bryan Fethke Captain  bryan.fethke@mcd911.net
Nate Morgan  Captain  nate.morgan@mcd911.net
Grant Goltz Captain grant.goltz@mcd911.net
Corey Holstine  Lieutenant  corey.holstine@mcd911.net
Aaron Westbrook 2nd Lieutenant aaron.westbrook@mcd911.net
Bradley Walters 2nd Lieutenant bradley.walters@mcd911.net
Noreen Whiteman Admin Secretary


Fire Station #2  (231) 744-4365 
1699 Getty St.  
Thea Dornbush  Deputy Fire Chief  thea.dornbush@mcd911.net

Mike Mayette  Lieutenant  mike.mayette@mcd911.net
Jacob Grabinski Lieutenant jacob.grabinski@mcd911.net
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